2009 Newsletter

As we prepare for another season one thing is painfully clear, we are all feeling the effects of the economy.  In an effort to ease the burden placed on all of us, I’ve done everything in my power to keep my prices low.  In addition to fair pricing, be assured that the quality of my service will also continue to be the highest possible.  I will personally guarantee my service to be the best value around, providing unsurpassed results using the highest quality products applied at the correct time and at the correct rate.  Unlike others, we won’t “short” the product to decrease overhead.  Beware of “Special Rates” offered by some.  Low introductory prices quickly rise, at the season’s end you’ll have spent much more than expected (with few results).  Another trick is to entice customers with high discounts on a service that’s been marked up significantly.  With the money collected and a contract signed, the big national companies don’t worry about the quality of their product.  They won’t return the contract price if the client is dissatisfied.  If an account is lost they‘ll advertise and discount their way to another unsuspecting customer. 

As many properties saw damage last season from Japanese Beetles and grubs, I recommend at least one application of insecticide to be applied late this spring.  I’m offering a 6% discount for all qualifying programs if pre-paid by March 25, 2009. If prepaying simply add up all the items in the “total” column.  If you choose not to prepay, you will be billed monthly.  I’ll revise the estimate and extend terms for anyone who needs.

Some of you will notice a decrease in your rates this season.  These discounts can be given when I have multiple accounts in a neighborhood.  Customers will benefit from reduced rates if located next to an existing account.  These reductions will provide significant savings and will be passed along to the original account as well.  I encourage all current and future customers to take full advantage of this program.  Discounts will be relative to the number of participants within a given neighborhood.  I reserve the right to adjust discounts awarded previously if changes to neighboring accounts. Like any small business mine is one that relies heavily on customer referrals.  Please tell a neighbor or a friend about us, it will work to save you even more.

Tompkins Lawn Care, Inc. continues to be the only seasonal small business in the area to employ it’s staff year round, without lay-offs.  It’s staff is made up of salaried employees, not seasonal labor.  We provide all that’s required for complete landscape management services for home and business. We strive for excellence and will do all that we can to earn new business and keep it for years to come.  If you’d like to make a change to the proposed service program, please let me know.  In these tough times, I’ll do all I can to meet your needs.  If we all work together, tomorrow will be better than today.

Thank you for your continued support.


Posted on January 22, 2009 and filed under Newsletter.