2010 Newsletter

Fiscally speaking, 2009 was an extremely tough year. As I sit here at my desk I’m thankful to close out another successful season, albeit just barely. However, during this economy one should be thankful just to have a job. In a business that’s often thankless, I was impressed by the loyalty of my customer base during these difficult times.

In my last letter, I spoke of ways that my service is different from others. And how there is so much to consider when deciding on a service provider, it seems there is never a shortage of lawn care companies around this area. Although high in numbers, it doesn’t take long to notice a difference and to distinguish why certain companies are secure and trustworthy. Providing a consistent service in an inconsistent climate and environment takes skill and experience. Another favorable characteristic is accountability. Even as our customer list has grown, I’m still familiar with each account. It’s location, the conditions and the owner’s needs aren’t just locked away in a database, the information’s in my head too. If there is a question or an issue with the property, I’m always available. A response doesn’t travel from a laborer to a foreman to a manager, to another manager and then to a call center, I deal with it. Finally, what seems to be a thing of the past, attention to detail. Knowing that it’s often the little things that stand out, we will not rush through a job just to improve our bottom line.

As many properties saw damage to trees and shrubs caused by Japanese Beetles late in the spring last season, I recommend an application of insecticide to be applied late this spring to sterilize egg populations. I’m offering a 10% discount for all qualifying programs if pre-paid by March 15, 2010. If you choose not to prepay, I will bill you monthly after the service is complete. I’ll revise estimates and extend terms for anyone who needs. You will benefit from reduced rates if located next to an existing account. These reductions will provide significant savings and will be passed along to the original account as well. I encourage all current and future customers to take full advantage of this program. Discounts will be relative to the number of participants within a given neighborhood. I reserve the right to adjust discounts awarded previously if changes to neighboring accounts. Like any small business mine is one that relies heavily on customer referrals. Please tell a neighbor or a friend about us.

Tompkins Lawn Care, Inc continues to be the only seasonal small business in the area to employ its staff year round without lay-offs. Its staff is made up of salaried personnel, not seasonal workers. We provide all that’s required for complete landscape management services for home and business. We strive for excellence and will do all that we can to earn new business and keep it for years to come. If you’d like to make a change to the proposed service program, please let me know. In these tough times, I’ll do all I can to meet your needs.  If we all work together, tomorrow will be better than today.

Thank you for your continued support.

Posted on March 1, 2010 and filed under Newsletter.