Pest Control

Mosquito, Flea and Tick Control

If your family is driven indoors every evening due to a relentless swarm of hungry mosquitoes, this simple step will greatly improve the ability to enjoy your time outside. This same application will also help to protect your children and pets from disease carrying ticks and fleas before they catch a ride indoors on the family pet. One treatment once per month for a more enjoyable out of doors experience with family, friends and pets. 

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Perimeter Pest Control

Pest Control begins outdoors, stop insects before they invade your space.

Perimeter Pest Control creates a barrier around the exterior of your home that will prevent insects from entering.  Without this barrier, pests may enter your home through cracks in the foundation, voids along framing and doorways where they will live and breed.


  • Keeps pesticide from the indoor living space
  • The application is a colorless and odorless liquid and has a very low toxicity
  • Sprays are at a very low volume and are directed to a pass around the exterior
  • Pests controlled include ants, spiders, box elder bugs, beetles, sow bugs, crickets, centipedes and millipedes
  • The application takes place out doors so no appointment is needed
  • Applications last around 30 days
  • Treatments can be made for as little as $45*

               *Depending on building size and surrounding environment.