Fertilization and Weed Control


   Environmentally responsible weed control applications


Our programs are designed with one simple rule in mind; the best weed control is achieved by thick and healthy turf. It’s a simple rule that most others fail to observe.

Being a responsible land steward begins by paying attention to how things work in nature. When working with nature, results can be achieved with less dependency on chemical pesticides. Our belief is that fertilizer applications are much less evasive than repeated applications of herbicide alone. Although very effective, others have discounted this method because it requires customer retention and more attention to each individual property.

Customer education is also necessary to uphold these ideals. When a new customer calls us to come and spray the weeds in their lawn, they are given information on how to prevent the weeds from returning. Explaining that without improving the stand of turf the weeds will return.

Our basic programs consist of five applications of fertilizer with weed control and core aeration. All fertilizer is a slow release granular and herbicides are used at low volumes using a spot spray technique. New lawns are plagued by poor soil with low fertility containing little or no organic material. We understand the importance of organic fertilizers and they are used regularly in standard programs and as soil amendments.

Core aeration is used to promote a healthy root system and to control thatch and is a valued part of our basic program. Due to the amount of labor to aerate, others choose to inflate the cost. Because aeration is so beneficial we price this service so it’s obtainable by everyone.